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Retailers Rated – Tesco and WH Smith come out worst so far

Since the first rated retailer report on 8th September 2012, we have had a great response from you with over 50 retailers’ displays of lads’ mags rated. Not only have these reports come from Birmingham where Shelve It! was started, but they have come from across the country. People in Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Blackburn, Southport, Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Edinburgh and London have all been busy rating their retailers for Shelve It!.

A brief glance at these reports shows that a shocking 23 retailers are XXX-rated, 20 XX-rated and six are X-rated. Only one retailer – Marks and Spencer at The Fort in Birmingham – has received a 5* porn free rating. We want to see more!

We’re not surprised to see the worst offenders are Tesco and WH Smith – we’re regularly disgusted by the placement of lads’ mags in these retailers. Tesco and WH Smith have both been received seven XXX-ratings. Small newsagents and magazine distributors are also frequently displaying lads’ mags irresponsibly – four are XXX-rated and 10 are XX-rated .

So far, Sainsbury’s (one XXX-, one XX- and two X-ratings) and Morrison’s (one X-rating) are the most responsible. But they are still far from great.

What do you think? Are Tesco and WH Smith the most irresponsible at displaying lads’ mags in your area? Are Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s actually displaying lads’ mags responsibly or could they be doing more?

About the ratings:

  • 5* porn free – no lads’ mags or porn on sale
  • X-rated – lads’ mags and porn out of reach of children and covered
  • XX-rated – lads’ mags and porn out of reach of children by not covered
  • XXX-rated – lads’ mags in reach and view of children

You can report a retailer in a number of ways:

Check out the Shelve It! Porn Map to see if your retailer has been rated and see a full list of rated retailers here.



2 Responses to “Retailers Rated – Tesco and WH Smith come out worst so far”

  1. There they go again, someone might be offended by this because it shows women in a negative way!!! WHAT??? Are these women being coerced into posing with little or no clothes on?? Are they being paid a hefty sum to show their bodies either in a low cut dress or bedwear? Are they being tortured? c mon give me a break its usually the uattractive ones that complain or the liberals that want to take another freedom away in the interest of political correctness.if no one is being forced to do this just leave them alone and if you dont want t look at the mags dont look but just dont take that right away from every one else

    Posted by daid ravanesi | 27 May 2013, 4:06 pm
  2. We’re campaigning against the way that these images are in full view and reach of children. They are highly sexualised demeaning images which have an impact on the way that children view themselves and others.
    We’re not trying to ban the magazines completely, but we do want to see them behind covers so that they don’t catch the eyes of children.

    Posted by Admin | 4 June 2013, 10:52 am

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